Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

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Remember these important tips for Spring maintenance of your home.

Now that the harsh winter weather is mostly over, it’s time to think about what to do for Spring.

Remove accumulated debris from gutters and downspouts

Starting at the roof line, while being careful on your ladder, clean debris from your gutters and downspouts.   Clogged gutters can contribute to water damage in your home.

Remove debris from around the house

Leaves, trash bags and other debris tend to accumulate around the foundation that can trap moisture.  Excessive moisture attracts insects, animals and may cause wood rot.

Make sure the outdoor air conditioning unit is ready for Summer

Be sure to check for debris both inside the unit and outside.  Leaves, trash and nesting material may cause damage to the unit once it is turned on.  We recommend you have the A/C serviced by a qualified HVAC contractor before using it. In the meantime, change the filter in the inside unit.

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Prepare your lawn

Clean up your lawn to make sure there are no twigs, rocks or other hard objects that the lawn mower can hit and throw.  Flying debris could injure someone far from the mower. If you mow your own lawn, check the mower’s blade for sharpness.  A dull blade is actually more dangerous than a sharp one. Put fresh fuel in a gas mower, check the oil and make sure the wheels are on securely.

Inside the house

If accessible, look in your attic, crawl space and basement for any signs of water damage.  Check smoke alarms and CO detectors. Change their batteries if necessary.



*Source 2019 American Society of Home Inspectors